You Can Help Your Own Body Heal.

I used The Emotion Code to reduce my Knee pain without using pain killers. I was suffering from extreme arthritis due to sports injuries in my youth. Hockey was a favorite pass time, and I injured both my knees badly. I had numerous surgeries to reconstruct and regular scopes to clean debris from my knees. The pain was a daily burden, and just walking downstairs was always a painful process.

Taking pain medication regularly was not an option, so I looked for an alternative way to control it. So I started googling “alternate methods” to remove pain.

Thankfully, as the universe works in strange ways, I came across Dr. Bradley Nelson’s “The Emotion Code” and his story and method intrigued me.

The body and how it functions fascinate me and Dr. Brad’s, methods of healing really resonate with me.

The Seminar – My First Energy Healing Experience

I registered for The Emotion Code Seminar, being held in Cape Town. During the Seminar, I experienced this healing technique.

At the time, I had very tight neck and shoulder muscles. I used to get pins and needles in my hands and I was very stiff in my neck.

Straight after the “release”, the stiffness in my neck had dissolved and my hands were “pins and needles” free!
This result amazed me! The way healing takes place is very simple in its application and method.

Instructor “Ruth” was amazing, and the impact The Emotion Code had on me and my fellow students was life-changing.

I was sold! Especially after feeling the results for myself, and seeing how many others experienced the same and similar results with their respective challenges.

I registered to qualify myself as an “Emotion Code” Practitioner.

I was able to do this online as “Healer’s Library” is an American-based institution.

My Certification Experiences, Body Healing & Stories

The results I was getting from my case studies during my course blew my mind.
Every person, or animal, has their own challenges. Everyone removes their blockages and trapped emotions in the order and way that their own body healing takes place.

Results that stood out to me were first, my rescued cat, Bella, who was afraid of any kind of ball!

I rolled a ball for her to chase, and when she first saw the ball, she scampered away and hid. I was horrified to think what the poor animal had endured. A couple of sessions later and Bella was playing with the tennis ball as a cat should. That was amazing to see and the healing possibilities for animals become very apparent to me with this proof.   

Another example, was when my colleague was out of breath and wheezing after climbing a flight of stairs.
We had a quick session, and he was breathing as normal. Years later he said to me that it was 2 years since he last battled to breathe like that again! He was an asthma sufferer and he was a lot better.

Energy healing turned out to be really simple! It all made sense and I loved it!

The Emotion Code Explained

The body is truly an amazing creation. I have not experienced a more “non-invasive” method, than through the Emotion Code, to help the body remove trapped or blocked emotions from traumas and life experiences.

Trapped emotions show up in different ways. The challenges people experience and endure are the way the body buries these feelings and emotions in the cells. This causes a disruption in the cell’s natural energy flow. This causes the different challenges we experience.

The Emotion Code allows the body to identify the challenge. Identifying and connecting the cause. It then allows the subconscious to remove it from the body, and thus natural healing takes place.
Allowing the body to become unblocked and function properly.

This healing technique works for emotional, physical challenges. It is a Holistic alternative that gives you the power to do more for yourself and your loved ones. 

Once certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner, the natural progression is to get certified in The Body Code.

At this stage, more than just the Emotions are worked on. Body imbalances are identified and corrected, with this advanced healing technique.

Las Vegas – The Emotion Code Seminar, 19-20 November 2021

Join us for an Emotion Code Seminar in Las Vegas, NV from Friday, November 19 to Saturday, November 20! Experience the power of energy healing in action, as Dr. Brad and his team share Emotion Code demonstrations with audience volunteers. Here you can gain hands-on experience, ask questions, and so much more.

At this hands-on seminar taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, you will…

  • Learn everything you need to know to start releasing Trapped Emotions
  • Find confidence in using muscle testing techniques and Gain hands-on experience

Please note that I may receive affiliate income when you click and register at the above links. I am a registered Emotion Code Practitioner and Healer’s Library Affiliate.

I believe in this healing modality and would recommend it to anybody. If you are looking for an alternate method to help heal your body, your family, and your friends. You can get certified and possibly start your own Energy Healing Business.

Click on any of the hyperlinks to join.
Start your journey in helping yourself and your loved ones today. Help others to live a pain-free, carefree, and more fulfilled life today.

Contact me to Experience An Emotion Code Session

Please feel free to reach out to me to experience a 1on1 session before you start your own journey.

To your Health, Wealth, and Living a Fulfilled Life.


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